My name is Melody Steiner—I’m a science fiction and fantasy novelist and librarian.

Below, you’ll find a bit more about my debut novel, Slither, including reviews, and some information on how you can get a copy of your own.

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“I write science fiction and fantasy with words that resonate.”

-Melody Steiner


Hi, I’m Melody. I’m a novelist, librarian, and a mother (aka a warrior woman). I grew up in a home where science fiction and fantasy were staples of the imagination. My earliest novels were written in elementary school and involved rocket ships to the moon, alien life, and gumdrop kingdoms at war with other invading candy nations.

Over the years, I found myself drawn to fantasy stories that empower female characters and particularly women of color. I hope to write female characters who are as strong as they are unique, who seek to make a difference in the world around them. Currently, I’m based near Columbus, Ohio, along with my husband and the wild things we call “children.”

My recent work, Slither, is a fantasy about a young woman who is enslaved by a herd of dragons and resolves to escape and pay them back for the hardships she’s endured. You can find out more about it below.

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Her revenge is better served cold blooded

The debut novel from Melody Steiner, Slither is a fantasy thriller you won’t be able to put down.

A girl. Dragons. Secrets. Revenge.

It’s all here.

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